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Meet Ratos's employees and Industrial Advisors

  • Martin Højbjerg, Investment Manager

  • Karl Molander, Head of Debt Management

  • Lene Sandvoll Stern, Senior Investment Manager

  • Tero Merentie, Investment Manager

  • Sara Öhrvall, Industrial Advisor

  • Mikael Norlander, Investment Director

  • Hanna Eiderbrant, Investment Manager

  • Per Nordgren, Industrial Advisor

Martin Højbjerg, Investment Manager

Part of my work involves identifying and initiating new contact for new investment opportunities in Denmark. At Ratos, we work with value creation on several levels: strategic, operational and financial. It always feels to me that our contributions make a difference in the companies. Ratos should be seen as a reliable partner and owner, instead of as a financial investor.


Karl Molander, Head of Debt Management

Ratos is long term and usually has a somewhat lower leverage than most PE funds. This, combined with working closer to the companies than is customary at banks where I come from, is what makes Ratos an attractive workplace.


Lene Sandvoll Stern, Senior Investment Manager

Together with two of my colleagues, I am in charge of making sure that Ratos has a good presence in Norway and for generating new investment opportunities. When we find attractive cases, we involve Ratos’s entire investment organisation to complete the acquisition. It is important for me personally to work actively to generate change. It is why I so enjoy working at Ratos, which is an active and dedicated owner that works closely with the companies’ boards and management to create value.


Tero Merentie, Investment Manager

I work with one of our Finnish companies and with new investment opportunities, in particular in Finland. I chose to join Ratos to gain a long-term perspective in company development combined with more short-term and intensive acquisition projects. Plus, it’s important for me that I work for a company that has sound values, a good reputation and talented, pleasant colleagues.


Sara Öhrvall, Industrial Advisor

With a background in the cut-off between technology, design and innovation, I lend my expertise and experience from changing user needs and supply chains triggered by digitisation. It is a force of change that will rapidly shatter established sectors and supply chains. There’s a wealth of new business opportunities open to those who are in the vanguard and who can understand the new rules of the game before others.