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Ratos strengthens its strategic HR competence

Blenda Lagerkvist has been recruited to the newly created role of HR Manager. This recruitment is part of an initiative to strengthen HR and talent issues in Ratos and its portfolio of companies. Blenda was most recently Managing Director of Impact Executives Nordics and Partner at Alumni Harvey Nash Nordic. Blenda will start during second quarter.

From your perspective, how do HR and talent issues contribute to value creation?

I am convinced that business success and value creation is generated by people – and that every single role is an essential part of the game. One of the challenges in achieving business success lies in making sure that the right person is in the right place. HR and talent issues can support the businesses in their decision-making processes.

If you were to give a CEO three tips on how to become better in competence and management supply, what would they be?

  1. Cultivate strong values. Distinct values are central to attracting the right people to an organisation, i.e. people who are prepared to be part of the journey that the CEO and the company are embarking on. The values become a company’s compass and DNA – which makes it easier to make decisions regarding competence and management supply.
  2. Take a chance on potential! To see people who have been entrusted beyond their comfort zone grow and develop in business and personally, thanks to receiving more trust and new opportunities, is a privilege.
  3. Set clear objectives. Changes generally require clear objectives. For example, achieving balanced management groups and boards when in comes to gender cannot be done overnight, but it does require sticking to the scenario and working diligently to realise it.

What made you decide to join Ratos?

While at Alumni and Impact Executives, I met many Ratos employees, all of whom were extremely professional, and who had an indelible, warm and friendly style. It was a combination. I was attracted by Ratos’s employees and its exciting business model. I see potential to increase value creation by supporting the employees in Ratos and its portfolio of companies and their boards on issues related to HR and talent.